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The WordPress Podcast for Design and Web agencies. We interview agency owners, WordPress developers and Entrepreneurs from around the world who have innovated with WordPress in their business. Learn how to generate more income for your agency using WordPress.

#62 - Launching A Niche Theme - Nate Wright

#62 – Launching A Niche Theme – Nate Wright

13th February 2017

Meet Nate Wright from Theme of The Crop (https://themeofthecrop.com/). Learn how he grew an audience for his new theme. Brilliant story of how he went from being a journalist to WordPress Developer & ...

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#61 A website in a day

#61 – A WordPress Website In A Day – 1 Day Webs

8th February 2017

Meet Chantal, of 1 Day Webs. She builds outstanding websites for her clients in JUST ONE DAY! Learn how she gets leads, her processes for delivering a site in just one day and be impacted by the lesso...

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#60 – From Workaholic To Family Man – Curtis McHale

30th January 2017

Meet Curtis, WordPress Developer and Business Coach and family man. He also runs the Smart Business Show Podcast. Learn how he created a process to make his work life less hectic, so he could spend mo...

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Episode 59

#59 – The Kim Catchup (Part Two)

23rd January 2017

Get ready for Part Two. Kim Doyal is a long time friend, mentor and legend. I had the privilege of catching up with Kim for two hours over the Christmas season, this is the second half of that conver...

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Episode 58

#58 – The Kim Catchup (Part One)

16th January 2017

Another "EPIC-sode" - Kim shares lessons she has learned along the journey, as well as sharing exciting ideas she has for the future....

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#57 - Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur - Adam Preiser

#57 – Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur – Adam Preiser

9th January 2017

Adam Preiser wanted to change his live and become a digital entrepreneur. Enjoy as we unpack his story, and get inspired to chart your own path....

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WPI - 056

#56 – An Insight Into WP Engine with David Vogelpohl @davidvmc

19th December 2016

Insights into WP Engine from David Vogelpohl, their Vice President of Web Strategy. David has a rich history in agency life and shares his journey from agency owner, to VP of one of the world’s ...

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WPI - 055 - Monetising WordPress Websites

#55 – Monetising WordPress Websites

12th December 2016

Learn ways you can monetise your site and your client websites. Lee unpacks five core ways to generate income online and shares awesome WordPress solutions to help you get started....

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54 - WordPress and World Travel

#054 – WordPress & World Travel

5th December 2016

Meet David, Freelancer, nomad and massive Beaver Builder fan. An ex UK Civil Servant who turned his back on a safe pension to travel the world, frolic on beaches and make use of 10 years of tinkering ...

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#53 - WordPress Contracts - What Do I Include?

#53 – WordPress Contracts – What Do I Include?

27th November 2016

Learn what we include in our contracts, and how you can quickly create your own contracts for your WordPress website builds. This is our journey, and is not to be considered legal advice, but to help ...

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